CEBA Policy on Political Affiliation

CEBA is a well-established business organisation that creates a forum to bring together all of the various interests relating to social and economic development within our region. We welcome membership and participation from both organisations and individuals and we respect that there will always be a variety of interests and positions held within our membership that may not be easily reconciled.

CEBA members may come with well-established political views and commitments or might prefer to maintain some distance between their personal views and their business involvements. This creates a challenge for CEBA in reconciling the rights of members where a political affiliation is central to their involvement.

CEBA also maintains a relationship with government at each level. There are established relationships with The City of Bayswater and the Town of Bassendean. Agencies within the WA and Australian governments have responsibility for engagement with business organisations and some sponsor services and other activities. This may give rise to sponsorship opportunities for CEBA activities and expanded services.

CEBA will always respond to and engage with government in any way that is appropriate to the broad interests of members. This may involve co-branding of activity and acknowledgement of involvement.

The priority of our association is to create opportunities for informed debate and to create a vehicle for members to influence any decision relating to our local community and economy. This may involve seeking to influence the policy positions promoted by individual political parties as well as any individual seeking political office at any level of government.

Political parties, their candidates and their elected officials are valued members of our Association. They will enjoy all of the benefits of membership provided that such involvement will not create a view within the community that CEBA is promoting, or supporting the interests of one political organisation over another.

CEBA will not

  • Accept any sponsorship that requires branding of a registered political organisation or candidate.
  • Recommend any political party or candidate over any other.
  • Provide funds or other material support to the election of any individual or political party.
  • Release any personal contact details to anyone outside CEBA

CEBA may

  • Host functions where all known candidates for a particular office are invited to speak (irrespective of whether they all accept).
  • Forward policy announcements and other materials to members where all costs for distribution are covered by those seeking its distribution. It must be clearly stated that distribution does not equate to endorsement.
  • Meet with members of any government to promote the interests of CEBA and its members.
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