During a recent conversation with a business associate they mentioned that I may be a “serial networker” to be honest at the time I wondered if this was a criticism or a compliment, I am hoping the latter. It has made me think about “networking” and why I do it?

As insurance brokers we need to understand the risks you and your business face, what you do, why you do it and, the changing landscape of how you trade and what your goals are. This cannot be done from the safety of our desk.

Networking gives us access to knowledge, new business ventures, essential services, trades and other professionals to assist our clients and our own business.

We need to connect in person to build a long-term relationship and support our existing clients as well as the local business community.

Networking gives potential clients an opportunity to “try before they buy” because meeting us in person allows us to chat and lay out our credentials. In doing so we build trust and establish common ground. It’s very difficult to do this if you have never met.

Put simply, why would you hand over the protection of your valuable assets to someone you don’t know or trust?

Yes it can be called a serial networking and on occasion a good sauvignon blanc can only serve to enhance the experience.

Look out for us at the next event because we would love to talk to you.

Authorised Broker – Mason Gray Insurance and Risk
Sandy Gray AR 1238332   Neil Gray AR 1238329   |   CAR 1238328 |   ABN 78 756 124 548


Job Hub in Mirrabooka

Have you ever wanted to inspire someone?

Are you an Employer and want to be involved within the Community?

Options Employment are seeking local Employers to join us on Tuesday April the 4th from 10am till 11am to inspire & meet some of our Jobseekers by joining us at our Job Hub in Mirrabooka.

We’d love to hear a bit about your role, what workplace you are involved with, what types of occupations are at your workplace and how the hiring process happens.

Job Hub is a 13 week program designed to give our jobseekers more confidence in job seeking, resume writing and interview techniques.

Options Employment is one of WA’s most experienced and successful Open Employment specialists. Diversity is a passion of ours in the work place and we are here to share that with you!

To get involved – please get in touch with:

Janey Housego
Manager Business Development
Good Samaritan Industries – Options Employment
0429 579 893

We look forward to hearing from you!

Raising funds for Bash Car 72 official entrant in the Variety WA Bash

Dear Potential Sponsor

“Raising funds for Bash Car 72 official entrant in the Variety WA Bash”

This year we are entering the Variety WA Bash to raise funds for Variety.  Variety is the Children’s Charity that helps children and their families with financial support for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies, when they can’t afford it, and when government assistance isn’t available.  On behalf of the entrants for Bash Car 72, also known as MAKO 72 with a Shark theme, I seek your support in sponsoring our car in the Bash.  In exchange we will display your logo on the car, acknowledge you at appropriate events, and include your logo and optional link to your website on a new website we intend publishing very soon.

To be a sponsor we are looking for support above $500 in value. This could be in the form of cash, or for equipment, signage, prizes, or other items, that we need to successfully complete the Bash and raise our target funds for 2017.  Alternatively, if you would just like to make a donation of any amount I can provide the details on how to do that.  If you feel you can help in any way, please let me know and we can discuss the details.  If you require it, I can send you our authority to raise funds for Variety and you can find more information on the Variety website  – our website is coming soon.

Yours Sincerely

Ken Murie   0403040138

NorthLink WA – New Travel Patterns from Morley to Ellenbrook

NorthLink WA is set to change the way traffic moves in and around Perth’s north-east and will transform the existing Tonkin Highway to a freeway standard link with six lanes. There will be new interchanges and flyovers creating a free-flowing environment and a safer, more efficient transport route which may change the way you travel.

To find out more about new travel patterns when NorthLink WA is complete, visit

The NorthLink WA Team
Main Roads WA
138 138

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